April 14, 20190

What motivates you?

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer, social swimmer or just enjoy the feeling of cold water, there has to be some sort of key driving force that gets you in the water!
For me – the open water provides me with a sense of freedom that cannot be compared to. Being out in the natural environment and not being able to hear the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life is one of the most amazing feelings ever – silence is golden!
Knowing and understanding that, that is what I am going to feel just fills me with joy – especially if I know I have to wait a few hours until I can get myself in the water!
Even at an early age I used to get excited about the thought of going training, being around the chlorine and water bizarrely made me feel comfortable! Even as an adult, I still get that same buzz of being in an environment with likeminded people who are there because of their own love for swimming!

I have spoken to a few people recently who are wanting to take the plunge into open water and are struggling to find that urge to get in, that want to do it – that X-factor that they can not describe that gets them in all of the time!

Well I’d say – just try it!

If you’re only starting this season, I’d recommend waiting until the weather picks up a little bit and the lakes / rivers / seas get a bit warmer – the last thing you want to be doing is starting out when it’s almost at ice swim conditions and you dip your toe in and automatically say, “No thank you!”

Get yourselves around a group of people who also share their passions for swimming, there are a number of groups on Facebook that will help you with your journey into the open water.

Have a few sessions with a qualified coach, acclimatisation is key, allowing your body to be exposed to cold water is a lot of the battle – a good quality coach will work with your every needs!

Initially I’d say that that motivation has to come from within, there has to be some intrinsic factor that is wanting for you to be able to feel comfortable with being in the open water. Once you’ve found that, hold on to it, remember why you’re taking yourself to these crazy yet exhilarating places to experience new things every time you get in!

I’d love to hear what your motivations are for swimming, drop me a message and let me know.


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