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February 12, 20210

Lockdown 3.0

As we’re well in to the third (hopefully the last) national lockdown, I begin to wonder – what’s it going to be like when we’re allowed out?

No doubt about it, there will be naturally anxious thoughts and feelings about what will be the “new normal” – a phrase I hate to use, but occurs regularly!

What I’ve got to hold on to, is the thought that I’m always doing my bit to stay safe, keeping my distance, washing my hands and wearing a mask.

As daft as it sounds and as much as I LOVE swimming, pool and open water – I do feel nervous about pools opening. In the last lockdown I couldn’t wait for pools to reopen, even with covid restrictions in place. However, this time round it feels different, am I thinking that it won’t be long until they close again? Will they actually open as an essential service?

I know a lot of people (I include myself in this) will have and be planning events for later in 2021. Coming out of this lockdown we all need to have a goal, a focus, something to keep us motivated to move forward and become better all-round!

My coaching and training will be consisting of relearning skills from the ground up. Rebuilding all of my strokes will be an essential part of development as injury prevention is key!

I also cannot wait to work with new and existing clients and what their goals are. They can be extremely small goals, or for some, they may be incredibly precise which will make me definitely work hard to help them along their journey.

Whether big or small, a goal is a goal and I would constantly strive to make them achievable and believable.

When goal setting, one of the key characteristics for this year is to be realistic. What I mean by that, is that we’ve had a year of no competitions or no consistent blocks of solid training – our bodies will (unfortunately) be behind where we were a year ago.

The shock of being fatigued quicker, slower than we were and incredibly stressed – will be real.

We cannot focus on what we were, we need to focus on who we are right now. What we can we put in place to ensure  our own development is key. I feel that trying to be where you were pre lockdown could have a detrimental effect on your training as you may be strive to do more than your body is capable/willing to do at present.

Please feel free to send me your thoughts on goals and targets for 2021, let me know how you’re feeling about pools/gyms reopening.

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