March 31, 20200

A week in and the UK has been (rightly so) put into a lock down by the Prime Minister, meaning that no unnecessary journeys / activities are allowed, we’re only allowed out once a day to exercise e.g. run / cycle on our own or with members of our household, make essential trips to do food shopping, a visit to chemists for medication or to go and help the vulnerable in their homes.

As I’ve seen on a lot of social media over the last week, it appears that unfortunately there is a generation that firmly believe that this is an extended holiday, the National Trust were extremely kind in opening all of their grounds to allow people to access open space for exercise, but the general public have gone crazy and a lot of these places including seaside resorts were busier than a Bank Holiday Monday. Unfortunately due to the over-crowding, these measures have now been taken away and the parks have been closed to help protect the public and encourage the social distancing guidelines.

When will people learn?

Contrary to everyone’s political persuasion, I do believe that the Government are working extremely hard in trying to support all workers in all sectors of business. What is really beginning to frustrate me is the “Well I wouldn’t do it like that” brigade who seem to know how a country runs better than these elected officials. My question to them would be; “Why, if you believe you know better, have you not put yourself forward for government?”

I’ve read a lot on many open water swimming pages about people being unhappy about not being able to access water and some people wanting to defy what they’ve been told. Yes, open water swimming is generally ‘at your own risk’ unless in a specified swim location with the correct safety cover. And yes, I do understand that people use open water swimming as part of a therapy process, because I AM ONE OF THEM! I manage my mental health around talking about swimming, immersing (apologies for poor pun!) myself around all things swimming! But at this time of crisis I understand the risks associated with being outside and being around other people and I am committed to following the guidelines set out by the government. I can refocus my self regulation around writing blogs, chatting with other like-minded lovers of swimming and working out how we can further develop the love of our amazing sport for all involved.

I for one am mega grateful for what is being done to keep us safe in the country, I saw an interesting statement / meme released about what everyone was demanding regarding finances / mortgages / security etc; yet when the government ask us to do ONE THING as simple as stay home and watch TV – there are some people mindless to it all and stick two fingers up to it and still make unnecessary journeys – probably claiming it is their period of exercise a day!

Please guys, just take a moment to think, it’s not difficult.

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