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December 11, 20180

Hi all!

This week I would focus on goggles and different choices of goggles that swimmers can use in all types of situations.

Pool swimming can throw a whole debate into what style of goggles and what colour to wear, as pool length/depth/brightness can all play a part in your choice. Getting something that is comfortable for you is key! Especially if you’re planning on doing long distance swims, you must ensure that the comfort and visibility is a main priority.

In any environment I always wear the ‘Swedish’ style goggles that were predominantly designed for pool racing, however these goggles do not fit everyone. I have worn these for around 10-12 years and find them comfortable, but some people find that they cut into their eyes and do not fit – which is fine!
In the pool I tend to wear lighter or clear lenses which allows me to see a lot more, however when I go to the open water, my lens colour changes (Yes I am that sad person that has about 6 pairs of the same goggles with different colour lenses!).

A wise person (a two-time open water world champion!) once mentioned to me that you should always treat your goggles as you would a pair of sunglasses, if it is a bright sunny day, wear darker / mirrored lenses! On a cloudy / dull / dark day, ensure that they are a lighter colour – I have found that for me, orange seems to work best in the darker conditions!

Triathlon style goggles are brilliant to use as their field of view is fantastic, they let great amounts of light in and are a comfortable fit for all level of athletes. People always are asking – ‘How much should I be spending on a pair of goggles?’ That’s not really a question I can answer, the question is, how much do you want to spend?
Try some out! If you know people who wear different style goggles to you, don’t be afraid to ask to see how they fit you as if you just go for the aesthetic value of goggles, you may find that they do not suit the shape of your face / eyes, or just generally not comfortable. Many people have asked ‘how do I wear ‘them all of the time when I swim’, but just like everyone who finds something that just fits – I find them very comfortable, also for some bizarre reason I don’t like goggles that take up most of my face, or the feeling of them on my cheeks. I like the close fitting of the style of goggles, I don’t know if it’s psychological but I think they’re faster / more aerodynamic.

It would be great to hear what style of goggles you all wear and whether you just stick to one specific type!

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