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August 27, 20210

As Covid restrictions are starting to ease, I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on competitions opening back up?

I think it’s good that we’re now allowed to get back to some relative normality, I do have my reservations on what type of  ‘restrictions’ are put in place while events are taking place…

Are we allowed spectators?

Are we allowed to stay around poolside while other events are taking place?

Do we have to test?

But then, with the generic ‘normal’ questions around Covid, I begin to ask myself questions relating to my readiness with training. The Masters at Middlesbrough are now in a full training programme, fortunately we’ve actually been given more water time that can surely only help boost our training efforts. Throughout the summer, I have been managing to sneak some morning or lunchtime training in during the public sessions, which in itself has definitely been interesting trying attempting to swim around other swimmers!

Progress seems to be coming along nicely, I feel I am training well and resting well when I need to. We managed to complete some timed swims at race pace during a training session in the last couple of weeks. To be honest, I feel quite happy and quite optimistic about the up and coming competitions, although I need to be cautious about managing any injuries, niggles, aches and pains over the next coming months!

I’m sure whatever level you are at, or whatever your goal will be – this will be the year that your training will start to pay off. I have spoken to  few athletes lately who have openly admitted that they have lost their mojo for training and are struggling to find a reason for it all.

Naturally as a coach (and decent human being) this worries me and all I want to be able to do is help! I feel it’s my duty to try and support people to realise their potential! I do feel that a lot of people, including myself will be using early competitions as a benchmark for current fitness levels.

And, whatever the result is. It is the result! Whether you swim slow or fast we can only improve.

Let me know what your thoughts are on getting back to competition!




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