September 20, 20180

Hey everyone! 

Working with someone this week who is a complete novice as been struggling to focus on breathing. So hence this weeks blog! 

“I can’t get the hang of breathing”, “my breathing is making tired too quickly”, “what can I change to make it easier”

These are some questions that pop up from all range of swimmers, not necessarily just novices either. Breathing is probably the most fundamental skill to master, but in some aspects can be the hardest! 

Observing many swimmers, you see a variety of different breathing techniques; the deep breather, the explosive breather, the gasp breather – all of these can put huge pressures on your overall respiration as it is not as efficient as it should be. 

As mentioned earlier, breathing is fundamental to your swim, we need to try and make your breathing as natural as possible, with a relatively regular rhythm – similar to when you’re on dry land going about your daily business.

How often when you perform other types of aerobic exercise do you hold your breath for sustained periods, with explosive breathing?

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