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September 28, 20180

Hi all!

Continuing the theme of breathing, I thought I’d air my thoughts on bilateral breathing as I’ve been asked a few questions this week based on last weeks post!

You will always find people saying “yes, definitely do it, it will make you swim better”, or “it’s not really essential”

My thoughts are as a coach, it’s what suits YOU. Not what your coach wants, or what a friend / swim partner is doing – but you. 

Some people find breathing bilaterally very easy and very natural, some people find that it can upset the rhythm of their stroke.

Having the ability to choose if you want to breathe this way is key. Learning the skill, you might find that your stroke is more even and balanced, or you might find that it just generally doesn’t fit how you swim. 

Depending on where your swimming, you may get some choppy water where the swells are coming across your body, so if you only breathe to one side you may find yourself taking a mouth full of water on every breath, this is where having that skill in the bank could potentially keep your swim going at your pace until you find a stretch of water where the conditions have improved so that you return to your normal breathing pattern.

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