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April 27, 20210

The feeling of the chlorine smell coming out of my pores is like the best cologne you could ever had. After two weeks of being back in the water, I have already noticed where my weaknesses will come from.

Recent shoulder surgery left me with a relatively weak rotator cuff and part of my collarbone removed, which left its own rehabilitation programme to rebuild. Now, after a lapsed period of time being out of the water, I realised that I should have continued to engage in the rehabilitation programme throughout lockdown.

I ache.

Not just fatigue from not being in the water, but from the feeling of weakness in the shoulder joint itself.

Home school rehab is the way forward with the use of exercise bands to help build up the movement and strength in the joint. WE WILL RETURN!

Many of the other masters who have been back in the pool have already had discussions around how hard they are currently finding it being back in the water – This is completely normal! We will all take a lot of time to gain any sort of swim fitness back in the body, mind and muscles. Yes we will find it hard, yes our muscles will scream with pain, but it’s worth it. This is why we do what we do, day in and day out. Week in and week out.

Swimming is a sport for life. I have swam alongside many masters and senior swimmers who’s ability to keep training well in to their years where in other sports they may have had to retire due to injuries or other reasons. Swimming competitions can see competitors in the 80 – 90 year age range, which personally I absolutely love to see. I love to see them competing and pushing their bodies to the limits to reach their goals. I love to be able to chat to these swimmers while waiting for events and listen to their stories about their swimming careers and what their current and future goals are.

Just because they have a few more years on the younger generation, should that mean that they should stop competing? ABSOLUTELY not! Seeing these masters back in the water and rebuilding themselves is such an amazing sight to behold. I have the upmost admiration and respect for these athletes! I for one, hope that at their age I will still be training and hopefully competing! I would love to be able to do a cross-correlation with different sports to find out at what age athletes are still staying active in. I surmise that in sports that are of high impact on joints will have less participation levels as athletes.

A good friend of mine who coaches at a CrossFit gym has mentioned that they have seen an increase in athletes who in the older great brackets. He noted that after a period of time the athletes demonstrated a visible improvement in posture, strength and stamina which has had an unbelievable affect on their daily lives.

I totally appreciate this is a complete ramble and barely about back to pool, but those of you who know me well – will appreciate my ability to digress!


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