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March 23, 20200

In these uncertain times ahead, many of you have been asking “What can I do as I can’t get to the pool!”, the simple answer is to adapt and overcome.

Swimmers need to realise that being a swimmer has huge advantages in developing aerobic fitness across other sports. Many swimmers (certainly not me) can become fantastic runners and this is all because of the ability to understand how to breathe. Now this sounds a really bizarre but swimming is probably the only sport where you actively have to focus on learning how to breathe properly. Once this skill is mastered, it is completely transferrable and swimmers can ‘turn their hands’ to other sports.

If swimmers are wanting to exercise and build their aerobic pattern, in the CURRENT (23.3.20)  time we are still entitled to go out and exercise. Get on a bike, go out jogging, train in your garden if possible – just don’t sit on your bum waiting for the pools to be open.

Now as I am not a qualified Personal Trainer, I cannot advise as to what exercises to do to build muscular stamina, strength and power, there are plenty to search for on the internet and the Swim England website is a great place to start.

A lot of swim programmes across the UK are posting daily workout videos for swimmers to complete to encourage exercise and maintenance across a wide range of activities. My local swim club have developed activities for the different squads to complete on a daily basis to maintain a high functioning level of fitness.

I for one, will be focusing on weight management and cardiovascular endurance and have my road bike set up on a turbo trainer and working within different heart rate zones so that I can keep a maintained level of fitness and ensure that I am still stressing my cardiovascular system. I am going to be looking to incorporating Yoga into my training, so if any of you have some ideas or starting points that would be very much appreciated.

In terms of still exercising outdoors we all need to be extremely careful, I for one will not be swimming in open water and will not be encouraging it – as much as it pains me to say, we all need to ensure our own safety and the safety of others. For the short term period, I do believe that we can all be sensible enough to stay away from the water for a few months. It’s not going anywhere, it will still be there when we’re allowed to get back in to our glorious environment. It’s all a matter of time! One day at a time, we will return!

Please stay safe everyone, follow the guidance from the government and governing bodies and we will get through this.

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