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Hi Everyone! I’ve often get asked “Why do you swim in Open Water, isn’t it too cold?”

A simple answer is; well yes, it can be! But you’ve got to want to get in, in the first place to understand the true benefits of being in open water. During the summer months, especially this year (2018) some of the open water temperatures have been between 20-25 degrees which is warm, especially if you’re wearing a wetsuit, booties, neoprene hat, swim hat and swim gloves! I for one have opted for a sleeveless wetsuit in the summer as I begin to overheat easily, I think it’s extremely sensible to wear the kit/equipment that makes YOU feel comfortable, not what other people recommend or suggest – wear what equipment you’re comfortable with.

Actually getting in the water can be difficult for any swimmer of any ability – many questions will run through their head! What if I see something? What if something touches me? What if I start to panic? What if I’m too cold? How do I warm myself up?

These are all genuine, justifiable questions that are often raised. I always try to ensure that swimmers who I’m with are ready in their own time to enter the water – not when I want them to, as they’re the ones with these thoughts. Having a discussion based around what they perceive to happen is usually a good way for them to open up and eventually understand the reasons they feel the way they do.

For novices, trusting their wetsuit can be a big thing – wetsuits can retain a lot of heat within the body which is crucial to staying warm. One discussion is predominantly based around Cold Water Shock – what it is, how it happens, how to overcome it. Cold Water Shock doesn’t last as long as people think, which is key!

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  • Mixhelle laverick

    August 31, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Really interesting. Good read. Thanks


    • matt

      September 13, 2018 at 11:57 am

      Thanks for that, will get on to sorting it out ASAP! Really appreciate the message about it.


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